Cifthealth, is a robust and comprehensive Hospital Management Software to manage end-to-end hospital administration and management processes. Designed, developed and progressed to be a robust and reliable system for over a decade. Cifthealth is used and liked at several hospitals to manage their day-to-day administration and management activities by supporting them in effective decision making for patient care.

Cifthealth software is supported by our strong support system, servicing our customers across India for over a decade.

Cifthealth is useful for,

  • Small Medical Centres
  • Mediuam sized Hospitals
  • Large Multi Speciality Corporate Hospitals
  • Teaching hospitals

Front Desk management – This module controls all front desk operations such as Patient registration, Staff and Doctors/Consultants management system.

Appointment Scheduler – Manage the appointments for your doctors and also schedule the usage of various medical equipment like TMT, Doppler, U/S Scan etc.

Patient Registration System – Registration of Corporate/Individual patients, manage in/out Patients, billing. Assists in maintaining Admissions, Transfers/Occupancy and Billing. Registration renewal system with patient history maintenance and handle Medico Legal Cases.

Outpatient Services – The Outpatient module serves as an entry point to schedule an appointment with the Hospital Resident Doctor or Consultant Doctor for Medical Consultations and diagnosis.

Inpatient Services – This module provides comprehensive data pertaining to Admission of Patients & Ward Management: Availability of beds, Estimation, Agreement preparation, Collection of advance, Planned admission, Emergency admission and so on.

Patient Care Management System – A Central Information Repository for patient history and future reference handling Case sheets, notes of Doctors/Nurses, treatment charts. It includes OT management, Anesthesia record, Labour ward management, Baby registration, Laboratory/Pathology/Radiology etc.

Administration – Handles administrative rules of Registration, Admission, Hospital charges/Packages, Ward Management with a secured USER WISE Security and Password.

HR / Personnel Services – It manages all areas related to Human Resource Mangement and the like; Manages the details of Entire Hospital Staff (Medical/Paramedical/non medical/consultant. Maintains Rosters Department wise and has a record of the staff attendance/Leaves.

Accounts – Cifthealth provides a broad set of accounting modules, including Patient Account Bills/Receipts/Dues, Surgery charges, Collection report/Consultation wise collection/Bank A/c Management, Hospital charges; ward wise; doctor wise; service wise ; department wise.

Lab Services (OP/IP) – The Laboratory module automates the investigation request and the process involved in delivering the results to the concerned department/doctor of the hospital.

Labour Ward Management – Takes care of billing and Insurance of Individuals/Corporates, delivery issues, Normal/Surgical, maintenance of Labour ward and Emergency services. Birth registrations and records maintained.

OT Services – All records related to Gynecology Ward like delivery issues, Normal/Surgical, maintenance of Labour ward and Emergency services. Birth registrations and records maintained.

OBG – Antenatal, Infertility etc – All records related to Gynecology Ward like delivery issues, Normal/Surgical, maintenance of Labour ward and Emergency services. Birth registrations and records maintained.

Stores / Inventory – Assists in managing Stock Register, Budgeting, Invoicing and Purchase order tracking. Inventory control — additions and deletions to your product catalog and more!

Pharmacy – Ciftech has robust pharmacy management software that helps community pharmacies operate more efficiently and accurately, keeping processes consistent, inventories low and profitability high.

Blood Bank – Blood Bank Management, readily scalable and adaptable to meet the complex need of Blood Bank Who are Key Facilitator for the healthcare Sector, it also supports all the functionalities of Blood Bank in line with the NACO guidelines.

Diet Management – This module defines the diet definitions prescribed to a patient and handles kitchen logistics.

Reports Routine, MIS Management – A comprehensive and itemized reporting system addressing appointments/OP-IP bills receipts, dues and status bills/bed occupancy chart/staff information/duplicate receipts.

MRD – This module addresses the general details like list of patients/gender wise their statistics/OPD/IP-department wise, Admission, Discharge/ Surgery, Registration, inpatients, laboratory and Radiology statistics.

Vehicle / Ambulance Management – Series of specific tasks in the management of any or all aspects relating to a hospitals fleet of vehicles. Commuting made easier by managing all the details like costing/billing of Ambulances/Driver.

Cifthealth – Technology Used

Client and server based system.
Based on Microsoft Windows Technology.

Cifthealth – Licensing Model

Single user system.
Multi user system.

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