Welcome to CifTech®

CifTech® is a Bangalore based software company engaged primarily in developing and providing software to the healthcare sector and educational institutions. Ciftech has been in this business for over 25 years and has over 1450 clients across the country and 46 of them are Medical / Dental Colleges.
Ciftech has developed software – Cifthealth, CiftDento, Ciftpharma, Ciftlab, CiftAyush among others catering to Medical College Hospitals, Dental Colleges, and Pharmacies, Diagnostic Labs and Ayurvedic Medical College Hospitals and more. In addition, Ciftech softwares are built to comply with statutory guidelines of NMC, DCI, and ICIM etc
Ciftech software follows a modular structure and facilitates customization. People find Ciftech package comprehensive in that it helps in capturing, storing and analyzing the data for better business intelligence solutions in addition to being cost effective.