CiftStores, is inventory management software useful in managing the inventory of medicines, surgical equipments, hospital infrastructure facilities and equipments data management, disposables and material that directly or indirectly used in the patient treatment.
The software is highly useful in forecasting the materials requirement keeping in store the necessary stock.
The software helps in tracking the expenditure towards different materials and help in efficient cost and resource planning.

CiftStores – SalientFeatures
  • Provides a means to streamline operations by integrating business processes into a single unit.
  • Automates the process of tracking inventory.
  • Enables easy monitoring of stores by the head office.
  • Increased efficiency by reducing administration costs and improved performance.

CiftStores – Technology Used

Client and server based system.
Based on Microsoft Windows Technology.

CiftStores – Licensing Model

Single user system.
Multi user system

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